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Technological innovation

Chaopai Technology is constantly pursuing innovation, researching and developing new technologies, new materials, new shapes and new markets; in addition to perfect vehicle performance, it also looks for a unique design style for it. This is a concept that requires a perfect grasp of the entire process chain, from the initial concept to the development and production process. We uniformly design, develop, adopt the most modern simulation process, tool design, process development, production, testing and inspection technology, and deliver products accurately and on time.

Hundreds of products with independent intellectual property rights developed independently by our company have obtained more than 100 national patents.

Design development process

Design development process

Manufacturing strength

First-class products require advanced processing and testing equipment.The company has CNC machining workshops, injection molding workshops, metalworking workshops, inspection rooms, etc. The CNC machining workshops have CNC machining centers (including four axes) imported from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.The injection molding workshop has advanced injection molding equipment and intelligent manipulator operation, which can realize single-color and two-color injection molding.

  CNC machining center
  CNC machining center
  Inject plastic workshop
  Raw material blanking workshop
  Surface treatment shot blasting workshop
  Bending machine


Fanslife is a comprehensive one-stop service company integrating R&D and sales of entertainment boats, sports boats, recreational vehicles, investment and development, operation and management of scenic spots, and large-scale event organization and planning. The company's newly developed three-wheeled and four-wheeled amphibious recreational vehicles have won national patents. They are unique in shape, intelligent and efficient, and are widely used in children's theme parks, beach scenic spots, lake tourist attractions, etc.

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