How to create an Internet celebrity tourist destination?

 2021.06.30 | Industry information

Introduction: With the continuous development of society and the continuous advancement of Internet technology, the development of the Internet economy has brought huge influence and changes to the traditional tourism industry. I don't know when, the "net celebrity wind" blew into the tourist circle, causing a group of scenic spots. The emergence of …

Abandoning the human bonus and ticket economy, how can the scenic spots make money in the future?

 2021.06.15 | Industry information

"If we still want to use price alliances, and even market control, to continue to maintain the traditional business model of "a huge crowd of people eating dividends and encircling mountains and rivers to collect tickets", even if we are not eliminated by the market, we will be abandoned by the times." On October 21st, Dai Bin, Dean of China Tourism Rese…

How to integrate cultural creativity with tourism products?

 2021.06.07 | Industry information

Introduction: The interaction between cultural creativity and tourism is to identify the advantages and disadvantages of value by subdividing the value in the respective industry value chain, and use the wisdom of cultural creators and new technical means to integrate value chains between industries Or extend the way to enter each other's traditional ind…


Fanslife is a comprehensive one-stop service company integrating R&D and sales of entertainment boats, sports boats, recreational vehicles, investment and development, operation and management of scenic spots, and large-scale event organization and planning. The company's newly developed three-wheeled and four-wheeled amphibious recreational vehicles have won national patents. They are unique in shape, intelligent and efficient, and are widely used in children's theme parks, beach scenic spots, lake tourist attractions, etc.

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