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    Three-wheeled recreational vehicle

"6" Advantage

Riding the "Tide School" amphibious recreational vehicle activities to relax the tension and nerves caused by work,In order to achieve the purpose of pleasure and relaxation, Will greatly meet the entertainment needs of tourists,Let the majority of tourists enjoy an extraordinary travel experience.

Unique style
— Grandiose•See the love —
Unique appearance, It's refreshing
The sun is spacious and transparentDriving space
7 inch full LCD TFT meter
Intelligence is better than wisdom
— Cloud technology•Intelligent interconnection —
Intelligent driving assistance system,Make driving More relaxed
ECU intelligent central controllerKnow the real-time status of the vehicle
Real-time location etc.Information sent to the server
Remote lock car/unlock And Safety alert function
The safety technology is superb and first-class
— Small range•Light escort —
All round security protection,Safe travel at any time
High strength aluminum alloy frame, Fully absorb impact force
Land、Water surface detection and recognition system
Intelligent assisted driving、Front and rear radar sensing
Enjoy a high level of power
— Output efficiently•Immediate effect —
High efficiency, super high power and strong output,Easily adapt to various road conditions
Efficiency of electric drive assembly, All time 4WD,System efficiency up to 90%
Maximum power 10KW,Maximum torque 4000N. M
Continuous sailing is better than others
— Super long standby•Safe and reliable —
High safety vehicle of specified level for GuoXuanLithium iron phosphate battery
Super long standby,Amphibious and amphibious, have endless fun
Charge quickly for 1 hour,Can achieve 80% increase in power
The battery is guaranteed for 3 years and the service life is more than 5 years
Adapt to a variety of environments without fear of challenges
— Multiple modes•Come and go freely —
water surface
Snow ground

Technical parameters

Serial number project name Technical Information unit Serial number project name Technical Information unit
1 Body size 2930*2170*2183 mm 20 Maximum ground clearance 251 mm
2 wheelbase 1700 mm 21 Braking mode Motor braking
3 Wheelbase 1634 mm 22 Tire size (buoyancy tire) 1300 (rear wheel) 1050 (front wheel) mm
4 Minimum ground clearance 251 mm 23 Transmission mode gear drive
5 Vehicle quality (including battery) 400 kg 24 Transmission ratio 1:53
6 Rated load 200 kg 25 Nominal load economic speed driving time 3 h
7 Maximum load 250 kg 26 Driving status display mode 7 feet LCD  
8 Number of passengers 2 indivual 27 Body chassis material 6063 aluminum alloy  
9 Maximum resistance to wind and waves 5 progression 28 Material of fastener 304 stainless steel  
10 Starting mode Pedal start 29 Plastic parts material PA6+15%GF PMMA  
11 Driving mode Rear wheel drive 30 Storage box(860*465*450) 95 L
12 Standard current balance voltage 60 V
13 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Capacity (1 group) 105 Ah
14 Charging time (3.3KW charging machine) 4 h
15 Current limit 110 A
16 Maximum speed overwater: 5(tire arm pull) Km/h
17 land:12 Km/h
18 Minimum turning radius 3 m
19 Maximum climbing angle 20 °


Fanslife is a comprehensive one-stop service company integrating R&D and sales of entertainment boats, sports boats, recreational vehicles, investment and development, operation and management of scenic spots, and large-scale event organization and planning. The company's newly developed three-wheeled and four-wheeled amphibious recreational vehicles have won national patents. They are unique in shape, intelligent and efficient, and are widely used in children's theme parks, beach scenic spots, lake tourist attractions, etc.

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