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We optimize the product development process, product manufacturing process, quality management process, and introduce advanced manufacturing equipment and testing equipment. Ensure the safety and reliability of our products.

All these depend on our quality rules: the company's quality management system adopts ISO/TS16949 quality management system standards, the environmental management system adopts ISO 14000 environmental management system standards, and product quality applies to many international authoritative certifications, quality is the core of our work.

Three Non-Principles of Quality Management

No manufacturing unqualified products
No accepting unqualified products
Not out of unqualified products

Quality Assurance System

Equipment management
Mold and tool management
Knives, accessories and tools management
Application of error prevention method
Rough, processing, finished product inspection and records
Monitoring and measuring equipment management
SPC and process capability
Identification, isolation and management of nonconforming products
Quality problem containment
Logistics warehousing and turnover
Operator capability management
Standardized work
Engineering change management
Quality Information Management
Quality rectification

Testing Equipment

 Three coordinates
 3D scanning
 Swing detector
 Hardness Tester


Fanslife is a comprehensive one-stop service company integrating R&D and sales of entertainment boats, sports boats, recreational vehicles, investment and development, operation and management of scenic spots, and large-scale event organization and planning. The company's newly developed three-wheeled and four-wheeled amphibious recreational vehicles have won national patents. They are unique in shape, intelligent and efficient, and are widely used in children's theme parks, beach scenic spots, lake tourist attractions, etc.

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